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On 1 September 2016 Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG welcomed apprentice, Elias Friedrich, its 300th apprentice since the founding of the company - and a further seven young employees who will be learning occupations such as process mechanic for plastics and rubber technology, toolmaker, mechatronics technician and industrial clerk both here as well as at the subsidiary, KH Foliotec (Sparneck). A promising investment for the future is seen in the background. The new biological emission control system BIOMAT will soon go into operation. Emissions from the KH coating plant will then be transformed into clean air at a rate of 80.000 m3 per hour.

In the picture, front row from the left.: Corinna Schneider (WZM), Denise Klier (Kaufmännische Ausbilderin), Selina Benker (Industriekauffrau), Chistian Luyven (WZM KH Foliotec). Middle row from the left: Henrik Rausch (VMKK), Paul Gaschnitz (WZM), Elias Friedrich (Mechatroniker), Pavel Vaněk (WZM KH Foliotec), Elisabeth Weber (VMKK). Back row from the left: Maik Michaelis (Fertigungsleiter KH Foliotec), Enrico Höfer (Ausbilder Mechatroniker), Jürgen Hiller (Ausbilder WZM KH Foliotec), Jens Eckardt (Technischer Ausbildungsleiter), Tom Herzog (Ausbilder VMKK), Walter Oehl (Technischer Leiter).

Apprenticeship training positions Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG / KH Foliotec

Helmbrechts AG
Helmbrechts AG
KH Foliotec
KH Foliotec
Werkzeugmechaniker/innen 4 4-1
Verfahrensmechaniker/innen Kunststoff- und Kautschuktechnik 4 412
Verfahrensmechaniker/in Beschichtungstechnik 1 1--
Mechatroniker/in - 11-
Industriekaufmann/ -frau 1 * 21 *1
Fachkraft für Lagerlogistik m/w 1 * -11
Fachinformatiker m/w 1 * 1--
Elektroniker für Automatisierungstechnik m/w - -11
* occupied

last updated February 2017

We will gladly receive your application for the apprenticeship training positions. See this page for our contact details.

Trainee allowance

  trainee allowance (as of Sept 01, 2016)  
1st year of training 750 €  
2nd year of training 800 €  
3rd year of training 870 €  
4th year of training 920 €  

Send your application to us and secure a starter bonus of 750 € towards your first furnishings or your driver’s license.

Trainees at KH

Girls' Day 2016 at KH

On Girls‘ Day 2016, eight interested pupils visited Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG and received an insight into applied production processes such as tool making and plastics injection molding from authorised training representatives Jens Eckardt.

KH apprentices planned the basic program (incl. a quiz) and took care of the girls.

Canoe Tour

KH - trainees are strong everywhere!