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7th KH Technology Day

What are the design trends of the future and in which direction is modern plastics processing developing? Questions such as these were answered at the 7th Technology Day hosted by Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG (KH) in Helmbrechts on 11.06.2015.

Approximately 140 participants from Germany and Europe were informed during seven presentations dealing with design trends and the associated production processes. Kevin O’Hara from MacDermid Autotype in England reported on foils with scratch resistant features, anti-fingerprint or color change, while Titus Suck (Canatu, Finland) presented conductive foils that are capable of providing the sought-after touch-function to curved surfaces as well.

Norman Starke from Proof Technologies explained where European and Chinese design differentiates and how modern patterns and shapes characterize the design of car interiors. Further presentations dealt with the partial galvanizing of plastic parts, the benefits of computer tomography in quality control and the development from lean management to a lean company.

The event was followed by a get-together including an evening program, and on 12 June, factory tours to the KH production locations in northern Bavaria and the Czech Republic.