Research and development

Printed conducting paths

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Research and development

Always on the pulse: We conduct research and development in order to have innovative processes available to our customers. At the same time, cost efficiency and process safety remain at the center of our endeavors. Our inventiveness has been distinguished on numerous occasions by the GKV with the Technical-Parts Prize.


As flat as possible: Printed conducting paths with applied electronic components open new dimensions with the integration of electronic 3D-shaped components. SmartWave already presents the design of tomorrow’s car interior, today.

  1. A sandwich of decorative and functional foil
  2. Conducting paths applied by screen printing
  3. Capacitive push button and slider control programs / functions
  4. Only 2,5 mm wall thickness


Buttonless control by means of capacitive fields on an undulating component. The KH innovation team first investigated this possibility with the development project MyWave – 3D. A 3D-shaped circuit board contained the functional electronics, the mere touch of which set a row of optical effects in motion.

  1. Curvature of the surface: 18 mm
  2. Radii at the edges 1,0 mm
  3. 3D-shaped circuit board
  4. Functions: Binary thermometer, volume indicator, color controller


Capacitive operations are becoming more and more popular. The advantage: lower installation height and therefore, associated weight saving. The solution is conducting paths printed onto foil which can also be combined with a decorative foil and back molded with plastic as required. See SmartWave.

  1. Transparent, capacitive push-buttons and slider for displays
  2. Printed conducting paths with electronic control panels


Change at the touch of a button: First a green symbol then red lettering – both at the same point on the plastic surface. Behind the VarioLum technology is a multi-layered structure in the printing of the IML foil. Vertically arranged color filters selectively allow certain wavelengths of light to pass through.

  1. Remarkable effects through similar positioning of different colored symbols
  2. Color pairs red-green and red-blue possible

PUR Fluten

A surface which heals itself when damaged? With coatings of polyurethane (PUR) this wish becomes a reality. Applied directly in the tool, the surface of the component is provided with a protection having optical and functional qualities which can be individually adjusted.

  1. Coating / Painting with PUR
  2. Functions: scratch-resistant, self-healing and much more
  3. Optics / Haptic: high-gloss, matt, structured
  4. Correction of cracks in wall thickness / sink marks


High-tech rope with injection molded retaining elements in plastic: wirelution® can replace wire ropes in technical applications and offers a string of advantages. A patented process with two metal pins and a two-stage injection process guarantees the secure fixation of the support fitting.

  1. Less twisting radii than wire ropes
  2. Lower weight
  3. No corrosion
  4. High resistance to reverse bending


From raw veneer to a high quality plastic component with an authentic wooden surface: First of all the veneer is laminated at the back with fleece and its surface is ground flat. Together with a PC foil it can then be three-dimensionally formed. The following IML process delivers finished parts with protected authentic wooden surfaces, variable gloss finishes and noticeable texture.

  1. 3D Forming (authentic wood!)
  2. Surface sealing
  3. Complete part with injection molding
  4. Weight reduction


The new secret of partial chroming: A galvanisable foil is formed, stamped and back molded with a non-galvanisable plastic using IML processing. In the subsequent galvanic bath the metal is only deposited on the foil and the rest of the component body remains free. The quantifiable advantage: 2C tools and complex masking technology remains superfluous.

  1. Cool Touch
  2. No masking or 2K processing
  3. Reduction of typical error patterns

Back molding of Textiles

Together with specialists for technical textiles, KH is pressing forward with the back molding of fabrics in order to produce highly functional components with attractive haptic properties and appearance. Possible areas of application: sound-absorbing operative elements for the car interior, casings for electronic appliances or perhaps, sophisticated furniture fronts.

  1. Dirt and water repellent finishing of the textile front
  2. Innovative integration of optical fibers
  3. No breakthrough of plastic on the textile front
  4. Novel haptic properties (peach skin)


That’s definitely metal – is the thought when touching an innovative CoolBrush component. This is because the haptics closely imitates that of “real” chrome or aluminium, but without their geometric restrictions or environmental issues. For this reason, anyone looking for the appearance of metal together with the advantages of plastic, CoolBrush would be the perfect choice.

  1. Metallic optics in 3D
  2. Structured surfaces (e.g. brushed)
  3. Cool haptics
  4. REACH compliance (no Cr6)