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KH Czechia is a company within the KH group of companies which comprises five production locations on three continents and about 1700 employees. The emphasis of production is on sophisticated technical components with high-end surfaces which are realized using numerous innovative processes.

KH Czechia works closely together with the parent company Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG (KH) in the approximately 100 km distant Helmbrechts / Germany and offers experienced qualified employees and production plants for injection molding (including multi-components and foil decoration), printing and assembly.



When family and friends call, you go:

So it was at the Family & Friends Day at KH Czechia in Chodov / CZ. Around 200 guests arrived, many of them children for whom special attractions had been arranged; from the jumping castle, to face painting through to a magician. However, the offspring had to share the rodeo bull-riding with daring adults....

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Close proximity connects: With a travelling time of just one hour and twenty minutes, KH Czechia and the parent company of the KH Group (Kunststoff Helmbrechts AG) are close enough to effectively support one another. At the same time, KH Czechia offers the advantages of an eastern European location.


Injection molding with several components and In-mold labelling, Day/night design using laser marking, part printing and assembly. The core business of KH Czechia is the manufacture, finishing and assembly of high-quality plastic components.

Within the global network of the KH Group components are produced this way with production steps in China, Germany and Czechia. A particular product range is offered by KH Czechia with the production of car keys.


  • Established in 2006
  • 360 Employees, 1700 employees within the KH Group worldwide
  • Certified according to DIN EN 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001
  • Located in Chodov / Czechia
  • Injection molding locking forces: 40 to 500 t, higher locking forces available at parent company
  • Pad printing up to 4 colors
  • Fully-automatic laser plants for laser etching and color-change lasing
  • Semi-automatic assembly of components