Alternative materials to PEEK and silicone for reusable products in medical technology


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In the case of medical technology products that are to be used several times, it is absolutely necessary to sterilize them after each use. That is why, only materials that withstand the stresses of the sterilization process can be used for such products. Components made of a hard (shaping) and soft (sealing) component are usually required. These are often made from a combination of PEEK and silicone as these meet the requirements. Due to the developments in materials technology, more and more plastics are available that also fulfill these requirements.

The aim of the thesis is to research the currently available materials with which 2 component plastic parts can be produced for multiple sterilization. In order to replace existing products that were previously made of PEEK & silicone. So that the manufacture of these products can be made easier and more efficient.

Job Description

  • Research on currently available materials
  • Selection of suitable materials for further tests in 2K injection molding
  • Selection of suitable test and inspection methods
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of the tests / cost analysis
  • Documentation of the results

Job Requirements

  • Student of materials engineering or industrial engineering
  • Analytical thought process
  • Structured approach
  • Competence in dealing with Microsoft Office
  • Team and communication skills