Particle-free and pressure-tight joining of plastic components in medical technology


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For the manufacture of medical technology products through which liquids are to be conducted for treatment, it is absolutely necessary that no particles form inside the lines.

The aim of the thesis is to research the currently available technologies to be able to join plastic parts particle-free and pressure-tight. These technologies are evaluated according to certain criteria and a method is selected for further tests. For the tests, a geometry or an injection molded component must be designed with which joining tests and the subsequent evaluation can be carried out. Possible scope of the project in the area.

Job description:

  • Research on the currently available technologies
  • Evaluation of the technologies found according to various criteria (advantages/disadvantages, costs, benefits, etc.)
  • Selection of a method for further experiments
  • Designing an injection molded component for the joining tests
  • Planning, implementation and evaluation of the joining tests
  • Planning a qualification based on the sample part
  • Documentation of the results

Job requirements:

  • Student of industrial engineering/mechanical engineering/materials engineering
  • Analytical thought process
  • Structured approach
  • Competence in dealing with Microsoft Office
  • Team and communication skills