Analysis of surface defects and determination of the causes on painted components


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Surface Technology/Bachelor/Master



In the production of painted plastic components, surface defects in the form of inclusions occur during the coating process, which disturb the surface appearance of the paint.

The aim of the thesis is to analyze the current situation, to determine the causes of the surface defects "inclusions" and to plan and carry out attempts to reduce the defect pattern. Among other things, the following equipment is available in-house for examining the defects: digital microscopy including the option of embedding samples and creating their micrographs as well as IR spectroscopy.

Job description

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Examination of the defects, e.g. with IR spectroscopy, micrographs and microscopy
  • Examination of comparison samples, e.g. from the area of the painting process
  • Evaluation of the results
  • Development and implementation of tests to reduce surface defects
  • Evaluation and documentation of the results

Job requirements

  • Student of materials engineering or industrial engineering with focus on plastics processing or surface technology
  • Analytical thought process
  • Structured approach
  • Competence in dealing with Microsoft Office
  • Team and communication skills