The assembly of microscopic small parts requires skill and dexterity. Our employees have it and, among others, produce disposable endoscopes in clean room. We also supply complete assembly groups for the automobile sector. Depending on the order volume and complexity, semi- and fully-automatic assembly lines are at your disposal in Europe, Asia and Latin America. For this purpose, we combine the respective location advantages and offer you the benefits of a global systems supplier.

Scope of performance

  1. Assembly of medical products in clean room (ISO 14644-1 Class 8)
  2. Assembly of mechanical components and electrical components
  3. Semi- and fully-automatic assembly lines
  4. Hot-air welding
  5. Traceability
  6. Acquisition of assembly components



Sometimes with gloves, sometimes without – depending on the project and the requirements. But, always with fingers that handle your products meticulously.

A scrutinizing glance, then into the tray. Our employees detect the smallest irregularities. The component removal is therefore an essential part of quality assurance.

When there aren’t any locking hooks: Using hot-air welding, display screens for example, can be fixed into housing components quickly and permanently.

The attaching of components onto painting holders has to function swiftly and precisely. For the German KH painting facility, this takes place at our Czech location.