Four decades of expertise in the medical field

We are far more than motorists who „also make medicine”. KH has been a supplier for the health care sector since the 80’s and is steadily expanding its expertise. Currently with the highly complex assembly of disposable endoscopes. Benefit from our medtech and large-scale production experience. We are certified according to ISO 13485.


To ensure the medical product complies exactly with specifications, KH assists with the development of mechanical and housing components. Existing designs are optimized for conversion into plastic.



Micro injection molding tools and those for articles with more volumes are produced on our premises. Multi-component technology, filling simulations, CAD, CAM, CNC: All paths are short and efficient.


(Clean room) Injection molding

Micro injection molding plants with clean room facilities produce minute plastic parts with a part weight of just 0,004 grams and 0,1 millimeter wall thickness. We can also do it larger of course.

(Clean room) Assembly

In class 8 clean rooms, experienced employees at European production locations perform complex assemblies, under microscopes as well.



To you, ready and done. For articles requiring a particular process step such as sterilization, we take over the organization with external services and the logistics.


Full Service

Whether it be for single-use or reusable products: Due to our high production profundity, we are the ideal systems supplier for large volumes as well as international projects.

Further examples

Development times are long and secrecy regulations stringent. For this reason, showing current medical products as references is often a sensitive issue. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to present you with all our possibilities.

A backlit IR window with a hot-stamped silver edge is integrated into the painted top cover. The labelling is done using pad printing.   

2-Component injection molding, display window decoration and buttons using the IMD process, scratch-resistant coating, ultrasonic welding and the assembly of components. Done.

Storage and cleaning box for the blood glucose meter transmitter. Precision-manufactured seals protect the metal contacts of the transmitter. 

Opposites attract: Upper components with a soft-effect coating rest on a high-gloss base. They are both joined with an ultrasonically welded infrared window. 

For hearing aids, decorated housing and small in-ear components of hard and soft plastic are from KH. Challenges are the thin wall thicknesses and undercuts. 

Proven technologies that are still current: A soft-touch painting provides the housing with grip, and the display window is decorated with efficient pad printing.