Lighting creates atmosphere, and ambience lighting is becoming more and more important in the car interior. Together with partners, we are happy to advise you regarding the correct light guide, the dimensioning of fiber optics, the necessary isolation from the surrounding component and much more. Realization follows in the usual KH quality with multi-component processes and precision technology. Ensuring that, at the end, illumination only occurs where it should.


The Mercedes reading lights are created using 3K injection molding: transparent PC for the light, white translucent PC for the symbols and PC/ABS in black for the chic.

Light guide

The transparent areas are structured in such a manner that the light is optimally refracted. The white symbols have a homogeneity of over 50% which proved to be challenging in its implementation.


All silver areas are realized by means of painting with chrome optics that can hardly be distinguished from authentic chrome plating, but is a lot more environmental friendly.

High gloss

Permanently attractive: A scratch-resistant coating with UV paint also withstands intense use and creates an optical highlight on the headlining.


Fumbling for the belt buckle in the dark? This isn’t necessary for the Audi seatbelt buckle. A housing cover with an integrated diffuser panel indicates the direction for the belt. It‘s produced at KH using a twin-turn-Tool which rotates on both sides.

First of all, light diffusing PC streams into the cavity where it forms the light duct. Then the small rotary plate which has been integrated at the fixed side of the tool rotates with the newly injection-molded diffuser panel so that black PC-ABS can be applied on the nozzle side forming the inner part. Thereafter the part is transferred to the movable side and the rotary disc of the machine transfers it to the third stage in which the outer contour is produced.