Tool shop

The prerequisite for high-quality injection molding components is a perfect injection tool. Our mold construction department produces over 150 mass and pre-mass production tools annually. In addition, stamping and forming tools for the In-Mold Labelling process are produced. Air conditioning and equipment provide the technical conditions for high-precision processing with tolerances of thousandths of a millimetre.


Speed and precision – get to know our machinery

  1. 5-Axled high-speed milling machines,
  2. Deep drilling machine with robot and chip recognition,
  3. CNC Grinding machine,
  4. CNC Wire-cutting technology,
  5. HSC Graphite processing center,
  6. CNC Die sinking facilities.

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From small to large

We produce tools of several tons as well as those for micro injection molding having a part weight of a thousandth of a gram.

Inline inspection: Our erosion center is linked to a measuring machine by robot so that dimension accuracy can be checked permanently.

Five axis milling machines supply the necessary speed and flexibility required by a modern tool shop.

Foil tools require a know-how which we have established over many years. Not only do we produce the injection tools, but the forming and punching tools as well.