In all sectors of the industry: KH

A great number of modern products are inconceivable without expertise in plastics processing and innovative surface technologies. For this reason, plastic components from KH are to be found in the most diverse areas of life, from professional ovens in restaurants up to domestic razors. But always bearing the quality for which we are renowned.



Decorative rings and buttons with IML decoration are produced for shower fittings and bathtub thermostats. Here, a foil is printed on the reverse side and backmolded.  


Protective paint / Scratch resistant

In this case, even the front of the foil receives a print layer. The protective paint ensures that the buttons aren’t scratched during use.


Further examples

Our products are as diverse as life itself. In every instance, high precision technical parts and very often, sophisticated surfaces as well, are included. Here we always have our finger on the pulse and offer the latest processes and optical effects.

It could be that it has already taken your order in a restaurant at some stage: The Orderman Sol. The housing front is produced using IML processing with a scratch-resistant coated PC foil. For the reverse side, KH combined ABS and TPE plastics.

Even inconspicuous objects need to be processed with precision. For the protective cap on the Braun razor, it mainly came down to the dimensional accuracy, since the cap only fits securely to the device when the geometry is exactly right.

Adjusting the volume and switching between channels: With the Oticon hearing aid, this takes place quite unobtrusively. KH supplies the housing with soft-touch painting and laser marking.