Rotary light switch

Functional integration here as well: The light adjustments in the car have become more diverse over the years and the comfortable automatic mode has been included as well. In other words: More keys, buttons or small wheels are required in order to accommodate everything. To ensure safe operation, everything has to be clearly structured and easily identified. In this instance, color contrast, with the help of a chrome optics painting which distinguishes itself from classic black, would prove effective.

More K injection molding

A light guide needs to be integrated, or parts of an assembly group require particular characteristics, perhaps because they have to be partially galvanized; then the multi-component injection molding is ideal.



High-gloss or satin surface: KH processes all paint systems commonly used in the automotive sector such as solvents, water or UV paints.



It facilitates the variant management, for instance when, depending on the country of destination, various symbols are to be applied. Lasers are flexible and have long since proved their worth.


Component assembly

As far as you allow us. KH also supplies (semi-) assembled components and, for this purpose, maintains full and semi-automatic assembly lines. Electronics are built in an ESD room.


Further examples

Injected, painted and laser marked: The components for the elegantly discreet rotary light switch from Mercedes are from KH.

The Audi designer requested an “Aha” effect. Several of the black painted and laser marked components received a partial high-gloss coating.  

3D In-Mold Labelling for a deep black with scratch resistance and chrome optics painting provide a striking contrast for the Mercedes rotary light switch.