Research and development

Always at the pulse: KH maintains its own R & H department in order to provide our customers with innovative processes. Innovative surfaces and the integration of functionalities in plastic components are always the center of interest, as is process reliability. Our inventiveness has been awarded the TecPart prize on numerous occasions.

Capacitive operation

Printed conductor paths with applied electronic components open new dimensions with the integration of electronics in 3D-shaped components.

  1. Window regulator with touch function
  2. Safety-relevant two-finger operation
  3. Haptic feedback
  4. Sealed surfaces


Resourceful inventors

You have a challenge for our R & D team? Let’s talk about it.


Cold and silver, that must be metal. No, it’s CoolBrush, a process developed by KH to emulate metal surfaces. Would you like to feel it?

Heatable IML components

For exterior parts with integrated camera, radar or lidar systems, the surface requires to be free of ice very quickly. Heatable IML components offer the ideal solution for these challenges.

Antimicrobial surfaces

Surfaces that are touched by many can transfer germs. An antimicrobial feature prevents this. We would be happy to inform you about the various processes.

Glass encapsulation

A genuine dream team: highly transparent glass and flexible, malleable plastic. KH positions freely floating glass plates fully automatically into the tool and encapsulates them on the narrow side. The result is a type of lense with “window frames”. With the newly developed technology, previously unrealizable applications are now made possible.


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