Control panels

Pressed or swiped yet today? Control panels in cars are all-rounders, and indispensable. Moreover, they impact the style of the interior with their optics – perhaps with black high-gloss or metal effect. KH masters a diversity of processes in order to achieve scratch-resistant, antimicrobial and capacitive control surfaces.


Classic multi-color screen printing on PC foils provides a comprehensive freedom of design. Our digital printing facilities are also suitable for the smallest of quantities.

Capacitive control

The warning triangle in the middle divides the capacitive operable panel and creates a touch guide. It effectively assists use even without looking.

Scratch resistant

Robust in contact with sun cream and orange juice. In addition to the scratch-resistant coating, chemical resistance also plays an important role in the car interior.

High gloss

For years the most popular look: Black high-gloss shapes automotive control elements and transforms them into eye catchers.

Further examples

Entire generations of control panels have already passed through our hands – and time and again they have proved to be the pacesetters for great technical developments. Why not benefit from our experience and create something new together.

Variant diversity in models from Alfa, Fiat and Jeep. The entertainment control panel shines with a deep black paint, lased symbols and chrome elements.

The black-panel effect in the BMW ensures a surprise: The symbols only appear as required. This is made possible using a skillful IML process.

A lot more chic than a flat display, and filled with technology: 3D In-Mold Labelling, 2K injection molding and, in addition, an anti-glare coating, is all to be found in the Alfa.

The best for a robust Ford truck: For the panel, classic techniques such as painting, laser printing and pad printing come into play.       

Three small control elements beside one another that have it all: In-Mold Labelling, scratch-resistant coating and decorative foil with black-panel effect.   

Luxury class: The components for the Mercedes overhead control unit are injection molded, painted, laser printed, assembled, flocked and chromed.