Surface technology

Which optic is desired, how will the finished product be used? Even when the demands on the surface design of plastic components permanently increases, sometimes proven technologies such as screen and pad printing are exactly what is required. Beside the foil technologies In-Mold Labelling and Im-Mold Decoration, KH masters the entire range: painting (in chrome optics as well), laser marking, printing, scratch-resistant coating.

An overview of what is suitable for which area of application can be see here:  Surface Matrix



Foil chic: The IML and IMD process provide almost unlimited freedom for decoration. KH realizes all process steps for both technologies in-house.



In chrome optics, with scratch-resistant coating, masked or soft touch: With our flatbed and robotic painting facility, the paint can also be applied to hidden angles.



It is really fast: The laser removes the paint layer in the form of a symbol and the raw material appears. If required, it is backlit.


Chrome substitute

Deceptively real, and with mirror-effect too. Modern chrome substitute paints cannot be distinguished from genuine chrome surfaces – but they’re significantly more environmentally friendly.



When a plastic part has to withstand a lot it needs to be well protected. This is achieved with IML, IMD or with UV painting as well. We would be happy to advise you.



Pad and screen printing. Every process has its advantages. We are well informed on both and even print conductor paths for the integration of electronics in components.


Technical information

  1. Scratch-resistant coating plus decor
  2. Vanishing effects
  3. Shielding from electrical fields
  4. Partial galvanizing
  5. IML/IMD combination
  6. IML or IMD plus laser marking combination
  7. Forming height of up to 25 mm for PC Foils, up to 8 mm for aluminum (IML)
  1. Computerised flat and robotic facilities (3 in Germany, 3 in China, 1 in Mexico)
  2. CO2 Preliminary cleaning, plasma activation
  3. 1 and 2K Paints, H2O and solvent-based paints, thermal and UV hardening systems
  4. Decor and effect paints, soft-touch paints
  1. Round table laser facilities
  2. Fully automatic laser center with integrated vision system
  3. Multiple layer lasing systems
  4. Color change marking
  1. Chrome painting
  2. IML with PVD foil
  3. FolioPlate
  1. Coating with UV paint
  2. IML with scratch-resistant coated foil
  3. IMD with scratch-resistant coating
  4. Painting with scratch-resistant paints on a special facility
  1. Up to 15 colors screen printed directly onto the component
  2. Multi-color pad printing
  3. Screen and digital printing onto IML foils and components
  4. Printing of conducting paths

A glimpse through the keyhole

Our painting facilities are mainly off-limits to visitors – after all, dust particles cannot be allowed on the freshly painted surfaces. However one could risk a glimpse here.


Sustainability à la KH: A painting robot that had been taken out of service was given a second life as a cleaning and ionization robot. This was made possible by the plant technology department.

Laser marking offers particularly good possibilities for variant management. The laser program adapts quickly to new customer requests.

The preliminary cleaning of components on the painting holders is a prerequisite for a flawless coating. To achieve this, KH utilizes of a variety of processes.

Achieving great things together

What really matters are the people – and their specialist knowledge. The sooner you bring your project on board with us, the better. We are specialists for all aspects of the conversion of articles into plastic and, in particular, efficient production processes.

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