Driving assistance

Driving assistance systems are taking up more and more space in the modern automobile. Control elements for the chassis adjustment, multi-media components, comfort features or the mobile phone have to be discreetly but useably accommodated. The advantage of plastics technology with its various surface treatment processes plays an important role here as well.


An impressive combination of a large capacitive operational area in the center and surrounded by classic buttons. All in IML.


capacitive operation

Searching for a contact on the mobile? At Mercedes, writing the first letter on the touchpad with one‘s fingertip suffices.


Anti-slip surface (matt)

To prevent operating becoming slippery from hand perspiration, the touchpad has a special matt surface with a design that also catches the eye.


scratch resistant

In most cases, scratch-resistant systems shine with their high-gloss optics. In this case, a matt surface has especially been chosen for optimal fingertip control.


Further examples

It is not only the large panels in the cockpit center that allow for a comfortable journey by car, but often it’s the small assistants as well, be it the charging tray for the mobile, the chassis adjustor or the button for the comfortable seat heating.

Charging the battery of one’s mobile phone without using a cable at all is possible with the inductive charging tray from BMW. 2K injection molding, ultrasonic welding and the assembly at KH make this possible.

Sport mode today, or rather with comfort? The BMW chassis adjustor presents itself with high-gloss 3D IML decoration, painting and laser marking.

A scratch-resistant coating can be achieved in several ways. Two of them can be seen in the Porsche control panel: IML and coating with UV paint (plus laser marking).