Steering wheel switches

Can you still remember the time when it WASN’T possible to adjust radio volume on the steering wheel? Steering wheel control elements have experienced an enormous upsurge as, on the one hand, they increase a sense of comfort, and on the other hand, are good for safety. Whoever is able to accept an incoming call using the steering wheel, doesn’t first have the distraction of feeling for the mobile phone. Classically produced with painted and laser-marked buttons, it is now also available with sealed surfaces using In-Mold Labelling.

capacitive operation

Through the capacitive operation of individual fields, it is possible to realize more functions on this component than would have been possible with buttons. That also saves costs.


Haptic feedback

Don’t take your eyes off the road. To ensure that the operation is still possible, the steering wheel provides haptic feedback with an adjustable intensity.


Vanishing effect

Only that which is required appears. With black panel vanishing effect, additional features can be activated for a particular time and switched off again.

FBB Technology

For the first time in mass production: With Function Foil Bonding (FFB), the functional foil is only applied to impeccable surface parts in the course of an additional process step.


Utrasonic welding

The light housing and housing for the reverse side circuit board are joined to form a water and dust tight unit. It is the best and most rational method.


Finger guiding

To ensure that operation doesn’t distract from the road traffic: The individual areas of the steering wheel elements are structured with indentations and raised areas that provide orientation.

Further examples

The more functions requiring to be accommodated in a confined space, the more challenging the technical realisation. Buttons and guideways have to be applied with geometric precision to ensure that everything functions correctly.

Bentley was one of our first customers for steering wheel elements. Back then, it was still considered a luxury. The black high-gloss effect is achieved using IML. With scratch-resistant coating, of course. 

A complex project. The VW steering wheel switches are produced using 2K (buttons) with bulkheading) and 3K (toggle switch) processes, with chrome optics painting and are laser marked.

Classically discreet in its appearance: The steering wheel elements for Opel are produced using 2K injection molding, painted matt black and laser marked.