Remote keys

Completely different to earlier varieties: Present day car keys open the car or luggage compartment remotely, and can even (sometimes) start the car without being inserted into an ignition lock. The KH Group is a proven specialist for car keys. Our experience with variant diversity pays off in projects for brand families.

IML or paint

Special variant management: KH produces the car keys with IML decoration or painted – depending on whether or not an additional brand logo is to be applied at a later stage.

Thin-wall technology

When the area is limited, one has to save somewhere. Here, minimal wall thicknesses allow for the optimal use of the assembly space.


A drop of petroleum remains on your finger after filling up? The car key must be able to withstand it.


The best pre-conditions: With IML, the foil protects the decoration by nature of the process. To strengthen the effect, it is scratch-resistant coated.

Further examples

Elegant in white or black: The Mercedes keys are created using two-component injection molding, and receive a scratch-resistant coating with UV paint. 

Es darf auch mal etwas klassischer sein: Audi wählte für seinen Schlüssel eine erosionsraue Oberfläche und mit PA12 einen kratzstoffresistenten Werkstoff.