Decorative elements

One can also dare to do something: Interior elements which are usually less an item of focus than centrally placed control panels can also be attractively designed. With our extensive experience in all processing technologies, we will gladly advise and show you how to achieve visual highlights, regardless of whether it be for ventilator nozzles, steering wheels or coverings for gear selector levers.


Here color precision is required. The IML foil is screen printed in the exact color of the car exterior and, as is characteristic for IML, it is deep drawn in 3D and stamped.


Skin Molding

As an exception, from the other side: When skin molding, the IML foil inserted into the tool does not receive its plastic coating from below, but rather from the front.

Glass optics

The gaze falls upon the print layer through a 3-millimeter thick PMMA layer. In this way, a fascinating glass effect is created.


Flow line free

By means of a special binding process, the component is filled in such a way that it is free of any flow lines that could possibly disturb the optics.

Further examples

Colorful decor elements lift the mood: We produce them classically using painting technology as well as the In-Mold Labelling and In-Mold Decoration foil processes.

The switch covering for Audi is to be found in two components (one of them soft), and are painted using masking technology.

That is detail work: A thin decor ring for BMW steering wheels is injection molded and painted with sophisticated masking technology. 

A coat of paint provides flexibility and one can react to current optics trends, as illustrated here on the Jeep gearshift cover.